The Language of Hoofbeats by Catherine Ryan Hyde

The Language of Hoofbeats by Catherine Ryan Hyde

language of hoofbeats

I’m going with almost four stars. The beginning was slightly confusing learning all the characters and their situations. Once you had a handhold on them and their personality this book really flowed. I originally picked this book up because the blurb sounded good and I love horses.  The horse is involved but not involved in the whole book it’s hard to explain! I was disappointed that we weren’t included in on more horse stuff but the people in the book were enough to handle by far!

Quinn was one of my favorite characters but it was mostly because of his childhood innocence. He had such an honest way of looking at everything. He blurted whatever he wanted to and could because he was a child. Jackie while one of the main characters was my least favorite. She seemed a bit needy and whiny at times which is of course her character. She was the person home with all the children mostly her wife is a vet and very busy. Her wife seemed standoffish but was also the thread that held everyone together. She was calm and steady when the house was chaotic. While I really liked Mando he didn’t set the book for me.

Star and Clem were two characters that you weren’t ever sure would be “fixed” they are so broken.For better or worse they seem drawn to each other from the beginning. Understanding Clem’s attitude was rough for me. I have never done or seen what she has however I can’t imagine someone being so unbelievably unrealistic with themselves. Star at least is a teenager who’s been through some emotional damage. She has time to be “Fixed” however as the story goes on and towards the end no one seems interested in actually making her better. They are just happy that she is content. Maybe after everything she had been through and the way she acted content is best…

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