Crushed by Lauren Layne


5 star I love Lauren Layne review!!

Wow! If I could write a one word review about this book it would be Wow! The redemption series is turning out to be a must read series for me. I will say you do not need to read the first book Broken before this book it will be fine as a stand alone. However I would I highly recommend reading it no matter what!

Michael is trying to come to terms with his past and present all at once. He’s a broody, sexy, and handsome alpha male. He is currently working at a country club trying to get close to a certain girl so he can mess with a certain other family. Whether or not he is seeking revenge he happens upon Chloe who may just be the key to getting his revenge…

Chloe is the corky, lovable, “not so classically pretty” sister to the girl Michael is trying to get close to. Chloe and Michael come to an agreement they will work together to get what they want. It doesn’t matter if what they want in the beginning is not what they want in the end.

At first I was a little bit set off by Chloe’s lack of self confidence. However I loved her personality so much more it didn’t matter. Michael was a little harder to love but understandably so. He’s mean to come off as a hard man who doesn’t take crap from anyone and is out for number one. About a 1/4 of the way through I realized he’s just afraid.

I really like the last couple chapters especially when some older characters from Broken come back into play… (sorry no spoilers)

I highly recommend this book. I also highly recommend the book before Broken (modern day beauty and beast)

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