Taking A Shot by Jaci Burton (play by play book#3)

4 very steamy stars!

Taking a Shot

Just so everyone knows this is the third book in the Jaci Burton Play by Play series just in case you didn’t read my whole title. I always hate starting in the middle of a series even if they are stand alone books(btw this is a stand alone) The second book in this series was definitely my favorite.  There was a lot of lead up to this book in the second one Changing the Game.

The main female character Jenna has two super star sports brothers and refuses to fall in love with any man connected in anyway to sports, including watching them.  After her father’s heart attack last year she has taken over running the families sports bar.  There are sports on every TV and she speaks sports all day with all the customers.  She just wants a break, any break would be nice.  Except for the only guy that seems to be paying any attention to her is Ty from the Ice hockey team.  While he’s super hot and nice she doesn’t want to date anyone near sports at all.

Ty isn’t backing away from a challenge.. which happens to be Jenna.  He thinks they just need to get it out of their system and move on with their lives.  Except once she lets him in he doesn’t want out.  Of course she can’t get out fast enough.  She has a secret of course (nothing that dramatic) that he finds out and pushes her towards her dreams.  Well lets just say she is stubborn very stubborn.

I really enjoyed how the characters interacted in this story and how all the previous characters were back.  I felt Jenna’s stubbornness may have been taken to the extremes, but of course she was raised with tough macho mean around.  The only way she could get anything was by being stubborn. So maybe it fits her.

Ty of course was super alpha I mean hello he is a hockey player. There really wasn’t many soft moments of Ty in this book.  Nothing really stood out to me about him which is sad.

As per usual Jaci Burton style there were tons of steamy scenes they may have overrun this book and that’s why I couldn’t get to emotionally invested.  I will warn any of you that the steamy scenes are just that steamy and sometimes borderline erotica. Some I skimmed some I read…

Jaci Burton is a great author with well written novels. I highly recommend her.  This one just wasn’t my favorite in the series, which doesn’t say anything for the novel itself.



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