Burned (book #7 in the Fever Series) by Karen Marie Moning

3 Stars


UGH I so wanted to love this book!! That did not happen, I loved the beginning of this series books 1-5 great, book 6 was from a completely different view that I wasn’t fond of.  I thought yay back on track with book 7.  It was like trying to catch onto 18 peoples thoughts at once. Every chapter was  a different person perspective.  Which could have turned out fine except it was like each person was having an inner monologue.  If they would’ve kept it to a couple characters instead of practically everyone’s POV it would’ve went better.  I understand some of the reasons behind it.  It was like trying to find a needle in the hay stack of  a plot.  In the end I felt let down.  There were some really great parts and some really bad parts.  I do not think I will give up on this series yet..

Mac is one of the main characters she came to investigate the death of her sister in book one where she meets Barrons.  She is turning into a fierce warrior of course no one will look at her like that.  To everyone around her she is just some silly humane.  Think the movie Legally Blonde don’t underestimate the blonde girl. She also finds out some facts about Barrons that make me want to punch him for her.

Barrons and Ryoden are of course back in this book, you learn more about Ryoden in book 6.  I seem to like Ryoden better than Barrons which is weird since they are the same creature.  Barrons comes off as standoffish where as Ryoden lets you see some weak almost human moments.

Of course all the same fairies are back in this book.  There was one new character Jada I will let you decide your own opinion on that situation.

All in all maybe all the twisty turns in the book is because book 8 is going to be explosive? I sure hope so!!



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