Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? (and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling

3 stars

Mindy Kaling

I have tried numerous biographies and haven’t been able to get a couple chapters in without quitting. This biography was rather interesting and it didn’t last for 400+ pages which was a huge plus for me.

This is written almost like she is talking to you instead of her stating facts. I really love how she talks about her friends and family so honestly. The whole book was easy to read, some points had me laughing out loud. Which is what Mindy Kaling is about. She does talk a lot about her weight and different stages she went through.  I think it’s really great to see how she developed into a confidant woman from the “weight struggle”  I feel after reading this book that she may be one of those people who when you meet on the street you might think is crazy.  However her brain just works on a different hilarious path of what ifs….

All in all it was a good read. It was also the first biography I could finish!!

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