Hold Me by Susan Mallery (book# 16)

4 wonderfully romantic stars!!


I love Fool’s Gold, if I could move there I would. I have loved reading each book from the first in the series and seeing how they develop. All of these books can be read as a stand alone. However as you delve into each book starting from the beginning you get little snap shots of all the other characters from the other books and how they are progressing. I love series books, especially ones that actually stand the test of time. Susan Mallery has definitely done this with her Fools Gold series.

This book had me crying and laughing throughout. I do have to say in the beginning I was not fond of Destiny and her attitude. She seemed a little juvenile to me. However as her story progressed and you learned that some of the things she did was just how she coped to having famous parents and the whirlwind that goes with that you start to really enjoy her. She moves all around for her job this time she landed in Fools Gold. A little “kink” in her plan she has her step sister Starr with her, whom she doesn’t know. They just met at the airport.. talk about slightly awkward beginning for them. Their dad has a lot of children most don’t know each other. I can’t even imagine.I like how their relationship also evolves throughout the book. Destiny and Kipling are to work with the STORMS program together.

Kipling is an ex Olympic skier. He used to test the limits so hard they called him G-force. That all literally went downhill after he had a horrible accident. He’s laying in the hospital  when the mayor of Fool’s Gold comes to see him.She knows his sister is in trouble and she is going take care of the situation for him. She also would like him to come work for her in Fools Gold. He see’s an opportunity and takes it. Kipling is a fixer he likes to fix everyone’s problems, whether they want him to or not. He is always trying to make up for not doing what needed done in the past. He see’s Destiny as his next project. However she doesn’t want to be fixed. Of course that’s where things get interesting.

This contemporary romance novel really pulled at my heart strings. Susan Mallery has always been a go to author for me and will continue to be a go to author. 

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