Miss Match by Laurelin McGee

3 HEA stars…

Laurelin McGee

I received a copy of this book for my honest review from NetGalley.

I have not previously read anything by this author. While I really enjoyed this story there are a couple of things that made me go huh? Andrea is a young woman who is out of a job and her last job kind of blew up in not a good way. This part in the story were she has been out of job so long mooching off her sister. I do understand that happens but for as long as she didn’t want to “settle” for the wrong job, she could have been doing any job to bring in money. Instead she relied on her sister for an unbearable amount of time. She seemed almost juvenile in most parts for someone is supposedly so smart. Her sister finds this matchmaking job with Blake. He needs someone to find him a suitable wife so she sets up an interview for Andrea. All of sudden taking any job seems fine with Andrea as long as she doesn’t have to work for the evil Blake. I mean why couldn’t she have taken any job before this just to bring in money?? See pet peeve… any money is better than none…

Blake of course comes off as an asshat. He’s mean and rude and only wants arm candy. He wants a stick figure for a wife with eccentric features. He want’s her to talk only when asked a question basically. After meeting with Andrea he wants to hire her. She is the only applicant that doesn’t want him to marry her and she can actually read people which will help with matchmaking. Of course once you start peeling back his layers you realize he’s just really guarded. He is honest to goodness just a big nerd underneath all that thick skin. Of course once Andrea see’s this she starts to fall for him … Does he fall for her?

On a side note I liked the ending and how bad Andrea’s aim was. I’m not going to spoil it. Just look for it when you read the book.

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