Country Affairs by Zara Stoneley

3 I worked through it and it came out okay Stars..

Country Affairs

I did not read the first book in this series, so when I began this book it was really confusing. I had to fight through the first few chapters to get a handle on everyone. Zara’s writing style is almost like you are sitting there watching two people have a fast pace conversation. Sometimes I had to go back a reread areas to make sure I knew who was talking.

Lottie was the main character in this book. She is taking over estate from her Gram. There are so many twists and turns thrown at her that she can’t keep up.(honestly neither could I). She has two love interests in this book. She seems as a character a little naive and scatterbrained, which was the goal of the character because by the end of the book she is to be lady of manor and in charge.

I would say this book was not a stand alone and that until you learn all the characters and Zara’s writing style it’s a bit confusing. This book took me an unusually long time to read. Once I was 3/4 of the way through it started rolling along. I was a little amazed by the ending it took me off guard.

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