Laid Out by Sidney Halston

5 emotionally charged romance roller coaster ride stars!

Laid Out

I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGally for my honest review.

This book was definitely one of those books you can’t put down. I almost wish it wasn’t an ARC so I could copy and paste some lines out of it. This is the 4th book in Sidney Halston’s “Worth the Fight Series” I must say I read Below the Belt (the 3rd book) first off of netgalley and while I enjoyed it I wasn’t emotionally invested. This book however had me so emotionally invested I was devastated at some points and super excited at others.

Violet had two best friends growing up on an Army base,Jeremy and Cain. These three were thick as thieves growing up until the boys get deployed after they enlist. Right before they leave something changes in Cain and Violets relationship. Like any young teenage lady she expects alot out of Cain after he leaves both boys promise to write her. However Jeremy is the only one who writes her, and when he writes he lays his heart on the line. After some time Jeremy and Violet start dating and get engaged. Then the unexpected happens….

Cain is returning from overseas yet again he is so emotionally and mentally damaged from everything that he seems to take it out on his only friend Violet. Only she isn’t his only friend, he has everyone at Wtf academy and doesn’t even realize it. When he is home he doesn’t talk, and most of the time he is rude to Violet. He doesn’t seem to realize that she is tired of the back and forth and on one of his good moments when he offers to help her find a man she grabs hold of that little life line for all it’s worth.

They have this really great scene about 25% off the way in where he is helping her get ready for a date. Cain does not talk a lot he is not a chatty cathy but when he does it is either profound or to the point. See in this book the author had to work hard since Cain didn’t talk often it was mostly “the look” he gave everyone. that stating what he was saying without saying it at all.

I think this is the first book in a while where I like the hero better than the heroine. His turmoil was so much more than hers.This author is going to start going into my go to author pile…

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