Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

I received an ARC copy of this book from netgalley for my honest review.

5 Stars!! Lauren Layne is always a must read!!

Blurred Lines

I’m always excited when I receive an ARC of Lauren Layne. This author has yet to leave me hanging, I adore her writing style.

This story is a classic but done in a great way. Young lady and man meet but become instant friends and not lovers of bf/gf.

Parker is a no nonsense kind of gal.She knows what she want’s in life and goes after it. She was raised in a wholesome family atmosphere. She met and has been dating a great guy and living with her best friend even if he happens to be a guy. I really loved how these two would do friendly banter through the whole book. I wish I could do an excerpt but alas it’s an ARC. Then things take a turn for the not so great and she comes up with a plan that involves help from her BFF Ben.

Ben comes off as a normal guy, into girls even if he is a little to into bringing one home daily and sending her off. The only girl he hasn’t even tried to hit on would be his BFF Parker. Ben comes from a family were everyone follows the mold so when he steps out of the mold to pursue something he likes he is chastised. His family doesn’t understand and constantly complains about it. Which makes him doubt himself alot that he doesn’t deserve what he gets. When Parker hatches her plan he is very unsure but hey he’ll try it… then starts the fun!!

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