Day Shift, Charlaine Harris #2 Book in the Midnight series

5 fantastic stars!!!

day shift

I love this new book series by Charlaine Harris. I have been a big fan of all of her series. This is the second book in her Midnight series. This book continues on following Manfred from a previous Harris series. An old character from the Sookie Stackhouse series comes into play in this book. The first one was learning the characters and having a little bit of mystery thrown in. This second book really opens up all of the options, of what/who people are in this tiny town. I feel like every chapter was a new revelation. I can’t even write a lot about it because I may give something away…I’m not big into spoilers. There were a couple moments were I was like oh I remember that from a previous series. No worries though if you haven’t read any other series the references are not necessary to the whole story. It was just really cool to see all these other beloved characters come into play.

If you haven’t read this series I would say it’s a must read!!

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