Fire Me Up by Rachael Johns

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

3 and 1/2 stars…

Fire Me Up
This is the second book in the Deacons of Bourbon Street series, although I can’t find record of what the first one was?? I knew I felt a little left out in the beginning like I was supposed to know a lot but didn’t. It was still easy to follow along. I was thinking this book would be a version of the show SOA. Yes it had bad bikers but they didn’t really do anything bad in this book. There is a “good” group of bikers in this book and a “bad” group of bikers. This book seems to be setting up a series of other books where the Deacons try to figure out who murdered Priest.

The bad boy biker focus in this book is Travis aka Cash. He has come back because he was listed along with 3 other members in Priests will to take over a couple businesses on bourbon street.He just wants to come back sell everything and move on. His “brothers” have different plans, they plan on avenging Priest and they need Travis’s help. Travis decides to move into one of the properties which used to be clubhouse. However Priest leased it out to an artist/hippie to run her gallery from. Travis moves right into the building hoping to move the tenant right out. He doesn’t count on her being as stubborn as he is…

Billie has just been blind sided by the fact that she may loose her gallery and has to deal with a super grumpy biker as a landlord. She left her no so great husband and ran to the only place she wanted to be. Not only does she work in her gallery she also works in New Orleans to make ends meet. She has finally gotten where she wants to be in life and in walks Travis. She refuses to be bossed around by any man ever again. However when Travis is bossy it’s in a totally different realm. They are both fighting through things more Travis than Billie…. I’m up in the air on whether to read the rest of the series or not…

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