Full Contact by Sidney Halston

5 Stars!!

Full Contact

I’m reading this series in a round about way. I read the third book first, then the fourth both ARCs then decided I really liked it and went back to the 2nd book. Planning on reading the first this week. I really enjoy this series they are all standalone however after reading the last two first and going back to the second I really see how the characters interconnect in each book.

Onto this book Full Contact it’s main characters are Slade and Jess. I’m not sure what happened at the end of book one that Slade is taking care of Jessica at the beginning of book 2. I know her boyfriend beat her and she needed to stay somewhere. Slade took her in… He has been begging her forever to go on a date. She finally relents and says yes.

Jess is not giving in to Slade’s manly ways. He has a ‘harem” of women coming out of the woodwork to slap him and holler at him.She feels she owes him this date for taking care of her. Little does she know that he wants more than one date.

I loved how he was always trying to protect her and she was always trying to protect him. This tiny little girl is going to protect an MMA fighter. She try’s her hardest to keep him out of her crazy life and he’s busy trying to keep her safe from her crazy life. There was such a good mix of romance, chemistry, angst, and HEA. I will not lie I did tear up at a certain point in this book, you’ll know it when you get there.

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