Tough Love by Lori Foster

5 chemistry is off the charts stars!!!!

Tough Love

I really adore this author, she does such a good mix of chemistry, turmoil, danger, and HEA that you can never put her books down.  I was  chosen to get an advanced reading copy of this book in which my hubby had to hear me squeee in excitement for days!! Then I received the book and couldn’t put it down.  I really enjoy how this author brings every day things into her books.  Everyone hanging out around the house watching sports, the guys joking around with each other, or how the ladies are always there for each other. These normal every day things make the books more relate-able so that the characters find a special place in your heart!  Onto the book itself…

If you have been following this series then you have definitely been waiting for this book. Let me tell you it is so worth the wait!! I loved this book which is book #3 in the ultimate series. You can read all of these books as stand alone books but I love reading in order watching how the characters develop overtime then seeing the old characters come back into the new book.

This book starts off with a bang! There is no hesitation on chemistry in this book. Vanity had previously proposed an arrangement to Stack that if he was her date to Cannon and Yvette’s wedding that he could “have” her for one night. Of course there are some hitches along the way to their one night of fun. You really get to see how wonderful Vanity is in this book. She is of course gorgeous but only thinks she is average looking, she is so loving and open to everyone. I really enjoyed her honesty in this book she was so forthcoming in parts I was like wow wish I was that forward. I really love how every Lori Foster book not only has a very strong hero but an equally strong heroine.

Onto Stack who is being driven mad my Vanity and her agreement for their one night. Stack likes to put everyone before himself. His family always comes first even though they drive him a little crazy which is so sweet. I really enjoyed meeting his family in this book they added another facet to Stack that I wasn’t anticipating. Of course all the fighters are very protective but the protectiveness that he used toward his family was different as was the love he showed them. You think he would be all this big bad boy but then you get to see he’s just someone’s big brother and son. I thoroughly enjoyed and sighed out loud at a certain part where Stack lays “claim” on Vanity in front of some other fighters. Lets just say you will know it when your read it. After things sort of settle down part of Stack’s past comes back to get him.  Will it tear him and Vanity apart?


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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