Love After All by Jaci Burton

4 I liked the dog the best stars..

Love After All

This is the fourth book in the Hope series.  This book involves the characters Bash and Chelsea.  If you have been reading this series then you probably know them already. If you are starting the series with this book no worries they can all be read as stand alone books.

Chelsea is looking for the perfect man she has even made a list.  A list with perfect man qualities and we all know how well that will play out with real life men.  Bash see’s the list she is making and offers to help her find the perfect man.  They both think they know each other, Bash thinks Chelsea may be a little uptight and high maintenance .  Chelsea thinks that Bash is a little to laid back and not motivated enough.  As Chelsea struggles to find the perfect man she starts to realize that maybe he has always been right there for her.  Bash has a not so great history with women and can’t seem to get past that…

It seemed to be a to typical HEA for me.   A little lacking in the angst or chemistry, or maybe I just couldn’t connect to these characters in the series.  I’m not giving up hope (see what I did there haha) in this series I really enjoyed the first three.  I can’t wait to see who’s book is next! Maybe Reid?

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