City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

5 I am addicted to this series stars!!

City of Glass

This is book three of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.  These are not stand alone books you must read from the first book.  Matter of fact I suggest you read the Infernal Devices first even though it came out after Mortal Instruments since Infernal Devices takes place before Mortal Instruments.  Are you confused yet? hehe

The whole gang is back in this book. Clary must go to the City of Glass to find a certain warlock to get a spell book to break the spell her mom is under.  However Jace doesn’t want her anywhere near the City of Glass.  He lies to her telling her a different time the portal will be open so she can’t go.  Of course this leads Clary into a head long mission to get to the City of Glass damned the consequences.  When she finally gets there it seems everyone is mad at her.  As usual though Clary seems to persevere.  She does what she needs to do, I like in this book you see how strong she is. In the first book she seems a little whiny but strong in this book her strength is really shown. There is a thing that happens in this book, where someone finds out something and I refuse to spoil it… but I did a fist pump in the air when it happened 🙂  trust me you want them to find this out!!

I like how fast paced these books are. There isn’t a bunch of long drawn out scenes the author tends to write alot of detail that doesn’t make it boring.  Having started from the first book I am really invested into these characters and am enjoying seeing where they are going.  I would recommend this series to everyone!!

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