When Snow Falls by Brenda Novak

3 I wished I liked it better stars!!

When Snow Falls

I really enjoy Brenda Novak’s books. That being said this has not been my favorite.

Chey and Dylan both come from not so great backgrounds. Chey’s mom has taken her and her sister from city to city and all over looking for the next man the next drug etc. They finally settle in Whiskey Creek and while as a teenager Chey makes fast friends with the good crowd her sister becomes part of the bad crowd. They are both grown women now in Whiskey Creek and her mother is dying of cancer. Chey believes it may be her last chance to find out about the mysterious blonde woman she remembers. Her mother insists it’s someone Chey made up… or did she.

Dylan’s mom left when they were young and his dad ended up in jail. Dylan is taking care of himself and his brothers. Taking care of his brother has led him to jail a time or two. While he is now reformed he can’t outrun the dangerous background he had. Will Chey be able to look past his bad boy ways and into his reformed bad/good boy image??Can Dylan convince her he’s changed and help her solve the mystery of the blonde woman?

I do enjoy learning bits and pieces from everyone’s families since I’m sure the characters will return in future books but I couldn’t connect with Chey. I felt she was a little to childish for me in the beginning. While I know she was the main person in her family taking care of everyone she still seemed childish when things came to relationships. I will read the next book in the Whiskey Creek series…

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