Win Me Over (Hearts and Crafts #2) by Nicole Michaels

I received a copy of this book for my honest review from NetGalley.

5 HEA stars!!

Win Me Over
This is the second book in the Hearts and Craft series by Nicole Michaels. I really enjoyed the first book in the series Start Me Up so I requested this book as soon as I knew it was available.

This story involves Callie who is friends with Annie from the first book. Callie’s life is hectic to say the least she runs her own bakery, works a blog with her bff’s and is now coaching the local dance team. She doesn’t have time for romance or does she need it right now. However the principal ropes her into coaching the head football coach in a dancing competition for the school.

Head Coach Bennett has retired from pro football to lead a quiet life in a small town. Everything is going according to plan until he gets back into a corner doing a dancing competition. He definitely doesn’t want to feel the attraction to the dance coach while trying to get through this embarrassing ordeal.

When tragedy strikes will they be able to pull through as a couple or will it all fall apart.

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