Frisk Me by Lauren Layne

5 I have fallen for the Moretti family stars!!

Frisk Me

I have yet to read a Lauren Layne book that I could put down after starting. She develops her characters so well that you fall in love with both the hero and heroine.

The heroine in this book is Ava Sims a reporter. She comes from a long line of great journalists. Her family lets her know on a regular basis that she is just average. Ava finally gets her big break by covering an American Hero story on a police officer name Luc who happened to dive into a river to save a young girl. She thinks this story will be her big break to prove everyone wrong that she isn’t just average. Unfortunately America’s Hero isn’t exactly excited to be in the spotlight.

Luc isn’t happy about his sudden fame for doing his duty as a cop and a decent human being. Everywhere he goes he is reminded of the good deed he has done. While being reminded of this good deed he is still haunted by his tortured past. He is told by his superior’s that he has to go along with this interview for the good of the department. Luc doesn’t realize that he is stuck with Ava for over a month in order for her to get all the information she needs.

I love the push and pull dynamics between these two characters. It’s almost like there is 4 characters. Ava the reporter, and normal Ava. Then Luc the cop, and Luc the down to earth family guy. I will say Nonna was one of my favorite characters in this book!! I will definitely be reading the next book in this series

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