Thrill Me by Susan Mallery (book #18)

4 I love Fools Gold stars!!

I love Fool’s Gold 🙂 When I see a Susan Mallery Fool’s Gold new release I automatically pre-order and buy it. These books are perfect HEA romances always served with the right mix of hope, love, angst, and chemistry!  This is the 18th book in a series all of the books are stand alone but if you have followed my blog at all you know I always start from the beginning!

Thrill Me

I’m really excited to meet all of these Mitchell brothers, they seem like a good group of guys. Of course this family seems to be big on secrets. Some of the secrets are spilled in this book and they are pretty big.. (I don’t do spoilers so if you want to know you will need to read the book)

Del is the Mitchell brother highlighted in this book. He left town a long time ago and rarely comes back. Del left mostly due to his heartbreak from the young lady he was in love with dumping him. His family dynamic is loving yet difficult. The family never tells each other their own secrets. His dad is an artist that thinks the world revolves around him. It made a rough childhood for Del. He’s come back to Fool’s Gold for his father’s birthday party and in true Mayor Marsha style she has delicately roped him into helping his old love create a movie/commercial about Fool’s Gold

Maya has come back to Fool’s Gold because she is unsure on what she wants to do with her life. She was working for a bigger company and not feeling proud of her work anymore. Mayor Marsha tells her she needs her to make some movie/commercials for the town. However she doesn’t tell her it includes her working with her past love Del.

Of course old love starts to re-kindle in this book. Del is afraid to be lied to or let down by anyone he loves. Maya has to keep a secret from Del even though she doesn’t want to. When the secret finally comes out will he be able to forgive her?

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