The Hotter You Burn, by Gena Showalter (#2 in the Heartbreaker series)

5 full of turmoil and chemistry stars!!

The Hotter You Burn

Holy Cow, I’m pretty sure steam was coming out of my ears during this book!! I liked the first book in this series, however I loved this second book. I was wrapped in to the characters as soon as I started the book and I finished it in under 24hrs.

Beck and Harlow are so tormented by their past you could literally feel the angst in this book. Harlow was a bully when she was younger so everyone in town doesn’t like her. She dropped out of school early to be home schooled. She lived with her mother all that time. Her mother unfortunately passes away and Harlow tries to get a job in town. Sadly no on will hire her because of her bullying past. I really enjoyed seeing how Harlow grows as woman in this book. She knows she hurt a lot of people so she takes their verbal abuse in town and everywhere else. She is starving and feels nostalgic when she breaks into Beck’s house. In all honesty it used to be her house before his friends and him bought it. So she has every right to be eating his pie in his kitchen right??

Beck has a different woman every day, he never lets them into his heart. He thinks because he is forward with them saying it’s a one time deal that they won’t get attached. That is until he finds Harlow in his kitchen eating his pie. He has been slightly obsessed with sightings of Harlow ever since he found some of her belongings in his closet. He wants to know what went wrong in her past since his also tragic. Once he finds out that she is struggling to survive daily he can’t let her go. Can he un-cage his heart for her? When tragedy strikes will he be there for her?

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