Landline by Rainbow Rowell

5 I actually wanted to talk to my hubby about this book stars!!


This book blew my mind. I started it and literally could not put it down. Sorry hubby and littles.. it overwhelmed me.

Did you ever wish you could go back and have a do over? Well Georgie gets that chance in this book. Georgie and Neal (her hubby) have drifted somewhat apart but are still in love.. aren’t they? Georgie is up for a big break in her career and has asked if they could stay home for Christmas instead of going to Omaha. Neal says he’s taking the girls and going to visit his mom. You could cut the tension with a knife in this book. They definitely love each other but their whole relationship seems based on Georgie. (which lets be honest I kind of hated her for). During one of her breakdown periods while staying to work she goes to her mother’s for supper. She can’t get a hold of Neal she has talked to the girls plenty but no Neal. She starts to worry so after dinner she goes up to her old room and uses her old landline. However when she calls Neal she gets Neal from before they were engaged not the Neal of now. Is she loosing her mind possibly.. Can she change things for the better in their future? Or will she make it worse?

This was my first Rainbow Rowell book and needless to say it won’t be my last!! I laughed and cried with this book. The normalcy of her talking on the phone to her kids is something I do daily. I also like her would not be able to go a day without talking with my husband. The stress she feels over the thought that she may be loosing her husband really did me in. I had a strong connection with these characters. This is a wonderful book that really makes you think about your actions and how they affect your future self.

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