Hanover House by Brenda Novak # 0.5

4 I can’t wait to start the series stars!!

Hanover House

This is a novella(about 200 pages) for Brenda Novak’s new series. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley for my honest review.

I do not normally read novella’s unless they are from a favorite author. I really liked this authors whiskey creek series so I thought I would give it a whirl. This little book did not disappoint. While most novella’s leave you hanging or try to cram to much information in a short time this one did not. Brenda Novak knew exactly how much information to put into the book before overloading your brain. I cannot wait to start the new series now, there was even a teaser for the first book at the end of this book.

Evelyn the psychiatrist is opening a new “jail” to study psychopaths. As a teenager she was attacked by such a psychopath of course he was her boyfriend at the time and she thought she was in love. The things this poor woman had to endure then to turn it into something worth studying is amazing. She is such a heroine and I love it. She is mildly week but she doesn’t let these crazy people tear her down ( btw how did Brenda Novak research this?? She didn’t go visit any of these characters did she??). They are putting Hanover House in Alaska… that’s where the hunky Amarok steps in…

Amarok is the state trooper for the area they are placing Hanover House and he is not pleased that all these psycho people are moving into his town. Of course the jail itself is outside of town. When Evelyn comes back to town they sort of bump heads but you can tell there is chemistry. Evelyn just doesn’t know what to do about it since she never has relationships due to that evil man in her past. When Amarok asks her to let her guard down and meet the people of town in a local barn and that’s where things take a turn in their relationship.

I am super excited to start this series and see where Brenda Novak takes it.

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