Irresistibly Yours, by Lauren Layne (Oxford #1)

5 sigh and gasp out loud stars!!

Irresistibly yours

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

I love Lauren Layne, her books are auto buys for me. If you are already a Lauren Layne fan then you know about the Stiletto girls series. Well this is a spin off of the that because it includes the Oxford men. Yes ladies the moment you have been waiting for has arrived. You get to see into the Oxford men cave/office building. Starting with Cole, I am so happy she started with Cole.

Cole is always happy go lucky, he’s been helping some of the Oxford men snag their Stiletto women(I beg of you read the previous series sooo good!). He’s knows he’s attractive and can have his pick of women. He has been freelancing at Oxford for a little while now. Previously his boss Cassidy had tried getting him to commit to being there permanently but it didn’t work for him. Now a family commitment is making a more steady paycheck necessary. He hears they are expanding their sports section in the magazine and wants the editor position. Only he finds out he has competition, he just doesn’t realize his competition is the adorable and attractive Penelope.

Penelope is not exactly a girly girl. She is adorably tiny (at least I thought so) and doesn’t have womanly curves but she is exactly what Cole needs he just doesn’t know it. Penelope has some low self esteem from a previous relationship where a good looking man used her and left her. I really felt for Penelope because what woman hasn’t felt some man was out of her league. This editors position throws Cole and herself together, while she doesn’t deny he’s attractive she tells him it’s strictly business no hanky panky.

While normally the characters have instant chemistry this book didn’t. I mean Cole was sweet and so was Penelope but it was a slow burn chemistry. There were some really great parts in this book and since it’s an ARC I can’t copy word for word but I giggled out loud at a kissing scene that involved Penelope and another Oxford man not Cole *gasp*. There is a little mantra that Penelope does in a chapter after emptying her purse that I found empowering. When a moment happens and the title of the book comes into play I literally sighed.

This is a definite must read!! Can be read as a stand alone but a lot of the Stiletto crew is in this book too. It’s always nice in series to catch up with other characters πŸ™‚

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