It’s Release DAY!!

Tuesdays are such fun days for me… it’s new book release day!!!! I have 4 favorite authors releasing today which is super exciting.  I received 3 of the 4 books as ARC’s.  Which as a reader blows my mind that these publishers/authors want me to read and review their books early.  Hey who am I to complain that I get an early copy ;)Onto the wonderful books!!!

First on my list is Lori Foster’s Tough Love.  I did blog about this book previously in case you missed it I will put the blog link below.  It was fantastic 5 star review from me, and as a member of Lori’s street team she sends you these wonderful images to post on your blog 🙂 If you don’t already own this book add it to your TBR pile today!! You can buy it anywhere Barnes and Noble.. Amazon..

Available Now

The second book on my list also previously reviewed is Lauren Layne’s Blurred Lines.  This book also received a 5 star must read review.  I cannot even handle how well Lauren Layne writes.  I always feel such a connection to her characters.  This is a nice take on boy and girl meet and become best friends… but what happens if they become more???  Again add it to your TBR…

Blurred Lines

This third book I did receive as an ARC but haven’t finished it before release day! Seriously shame on me!!! It is by Karen Robards, The Last Time I Saw Her.  I keep receiving ARCs of this series (Thank you Karen Robards and publisher!!) and they have me hooked!!  It’s about a psychologist who works at a prison with dangerous men. Oh did I happen to mention she can see ghosts of people that violently died?  She has been in contact with one of her yummy er.. I mean patients named Michael.  Anyways I’ll blog about it so you’ll have to wait for more detail!! It is a wonderful series, I would suggest starting from the beginning though.  Add to your TBR now… are you adding it?? What are you waiting for??

The Last Time I Saw Her

Last but by no means the least is Kristan Higgins If You Only Knew.  No I did not get selected to receive an ARC of this but that is ok.  I did however have it pre-ordered on amazon forever ago!! Kristan Higgins is always, always a pre-order without even reading the blurb it’s a pre-order.  Of course I will blog about it once I get through all my ARCs 🙂 According to the blurb it’s about 2 sisters navigating life, relationships, and family issues.  It sounds wonderful… go buy it!!

If You Only Knew Her

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!! Hope I added some books to your TBR pile today!!!

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