The Last Time I Saw Her, by Karen Robards (#4)

The Last Time I Saw Her

5 fantastic ghost stars!!!

I received a copy of this book from Net Galley for my honest review.

I am new to Karen Robards this is the 2nd book I have read by her. All of them involved Dr. Charlie Stone a psychiatrist in a prison she’s studying serial killers. There is a paranormal twist to these books, her love interest is a ghost. Yup I said it a ghost, she can see the recently violently departed. However Michael sticks around and I am so glad he does. Charlie seems to get into a lot of trouble with psychos. Every once in a while he can help her by becoming “human” ( I have no idea what a proper term is for that). If it is dire he turns solid and helps her. After his last time helping her he got pulled back into some sort of hell/ ghost processing center.  Charlie thinks he is gone for ever and never coming back. However Michael makes a deal with the devil basically to come back and help her out of one last jam.

She of course has her friends by her side, her trusty FBI friends and her psychic friend Tam. I must say I am in love with Tam’s character. Even though Tony likes Charlie I secretly hope he falls in love with Tam… anyone else?? I think they would make a fantastic couple!!

These books kept me guessing what’s going to happen next. They are very fast paced reads (at least for me). Every chapter is filled with more questions and answers. There is also a lot of action in these books. Dr. Charlie is no femme fatal, she is a very strong heroine which I thoroughly enjoy in books. I would highly suggest checking this series out!!

Ok SPOILER ALERT… I was so upset that I thought they only had one more chance!! I mean WTH… I thought yay this time it’s going to happen they are going to HEA. Then you get hit with that damned deadline!!! Karen Robards was ripping my heart out with each minute that passed. I was waiting for the inevitable, waiting for him to disappear again. When he eventually does I almost set the book down not so nicely. Then Karen Robards came up with another twist which I should’ve known because that’s all these books have been is twists and turns… and I say THANK YOU KAREN ROBARDS for that ending!!!

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