Fighting For Devlin (Lost Boys #1), by Jessica Lemmon

5 Loving the Lost Boys stars!!!

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

Fighting For Devlin

Jessica Lemmon is one of my new go to authors!  I started my addiction to her writing style with Bringing Home the Bad Boy.  (which I highly suggest reading it by the way).  I was blown away by the characters and depth in her Second Chance series I knew I had to get my hands on an ARC of Fighting for Devlin. This book was AMAZING it had such great character development, chemistry, angst, and a bad boy who really isn’t all the bad!!  No one does bad boy with a chivalrous side like Jessica Lemmon.

Onto the book!  There will be no spoilers in this review as the book is not released yet.  This book revolves around Devlin aka the bad boy and Rena the good girl.  Devlin has had a hard life. He’s been let down by almost everyone he knows and trusts.  He owns a great bistro, can get basically anyone woman he wants.  One rule he never breaks is sleeping with employees, until Rena.  He’s working off a debt his dad made by helping a local bookie.  When things go awry he needs a little help and ends up asking the one person he never thought he would.  I really enjoyed how you could see into his thought process throughout the book and how he was fighting his attraction to Rena.  I loved how you could slowly see him giving in more and more over the course of the story. It was like watching an ice cube slowly melt into a puddle.  He just needed to thaw out his frozen heart.

Rena on the other hand is a reformed bad girl.  I am in love with Rena’s character, she is trying so hard to make penance for her past. When she was happy I was happy, whens she was upset I was upset. (such wonderful character depth) Still struggling to overcome the tragedy that she believes is her fault. She works for Devlin, and while of course she finds him attractive she won’t let herself have any fun.  Then one night Devlin shows up on her doorstep.  He of course being the macho man doesn’t ask for help but Rena being the good girl she is will help him anyway.  Rena really fights herself over helping him. You can see the chemistry instantly but it takes a long time for her to give in to what she really wants. She knows that she wants Devlin but is his bad boy lifestyle to much for her?  Will Devlin ever let her in?

I highly recommend this book or any book for that matter by Jessica Lemmon!

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