Giveaway!!! Frisk Me by Lauren Layne

I’m sorry everyone I haven’t been blogging as much.  3 kids in school, football and soon dance have taken over my life.  I thought why  not brighten everyone’s Friday with a little giveaway.  I’m going to give away a copy of Lauren Layne’s new book Frisk Me!!

Frisk Me

I have met some really fantastic authors in person and via the internet.  I have also won some really great giveaways such as ARC’s, swag, totes, or pens.  However last month I won probably the best giveaway yet!!  It was a giveaway by one of my favorite author’s Lauren Layne.  What?! you don’t know who she is?? What are you waiting for go buy her books!! She does such great characters with enough sass, angst, and chemistry.  When I buy one of her books I know that I will not be doing anything unnecessary such as household chores until I finish the book.

Anyways, back to what I won.  A Kate spade bracelet.. yup.. it’s gorgeous.  As any normal person who is expecting something in the mail. I stalked my mailbox… however after 2 weeks it didn’t show 😦  Just as I was to email Lauren Layne she emailed me.  (and I screamed with joy)  she apologized that it was so late that something had come up and she was mailing it out immediately.  I emailed her back thanking her.  I began to stalk the mailbox again!  Another week went by with no bracelet.  I emailed Lauren Layne to let her know I hadn’t received it, she immediately emailed me back and said it was returned to her that day.  She would mail it again the next day and because of my troubles she sent me a gift card to amazon 🙂  yay! So now I’m stalking Amazon (for books) and the mailbox.  It did arrive a couple days later and to my surprise I had two hand written notes from Lauren and a matching set of earrings for the bracelet!!!!   She is really one of the sweetest authors!!  See pictures below of the bracelet and pretty!

2015-09-01 21.23.04

So in honor of Lauren Layne being such a sweet person and author.  I thought I would give away her most recent book!! Frisk Me….I did review it previously (just scroll down some and read the blog about it;)).  If you would like to be entered just leave a comment on my blog here telling me what you are currently reading and how is it???  I’ll give everyone until Labor Day at 8pm EST to enter 😀 good luck!!

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