Fighting Dirty by Sidney Halston (Worth the Fight #5)

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

5 loving the Wtf academy!! (that stands for Worth the Fight btw)!!


Sidney Halston is definitely turning into a must buy author. The characters in her books are always developed so well you feel what they feel. I was really looking forward to this book it involved JL (Jamie Lynn) and Enzo. Enzo was never a headline character for me. I knew he like JL and pursued her, however I don’t remember seeing JL from his perspective before this book. We always saw how JL saw Enzo, a pretty boy.

Enzo has been asking JL for a year now and her response has always been NO. That doesn’t deter him he continues to ask her out daily if possible. He is a work hard but no play kind of guy. He thinks if he can succeed on his own in business that his family will finally see him as a great man and not the screw up they claim he is. While you would assume this billionaire had a great life he in fact did not. His background in this book definitely surprised me as I was not expecting it. Enzo is such a dedicated hard worker except when it comes to MMA training. He works to hard in the office to have time for the Worth The Fight Academy. WTF will not put him in major fights because of this which really ticks him off.. getting told no is not in his vocabulary. Because of his not taking no for an answer he continues to ask JL out until one day she surprises him and asks him out. He cancels all his plans for this one date… that may lead on to more..

JL’s character was so much more complex than Enzo’s. She comes from an awful past and any passerby would think it doesn’t affect her. She has such a tough exterior and seems to have an unlimited supply of energy(which I would like to borrow!). I think Enzo describing her as a fiery little pixie may be the perfect description of JL. Being small in stature my self it was fun to see her not back down from anyone or anything no matter the size. I loved seeing more of JL and Travis’s relationship in this book. The protective big brother over JL even though she thinks she doesn’t need it. JL’s ability to get everyone to love her and open up to her is fantastic. It’s almost like a double standard though because she is keeping so many secrets.

There are some new characters in this book, you get some more information about Penny.(whom may or may not be Travis’s love interest) I can’t wait to see how her character develops. Iggy was also an excellent addition, will he be training at WtF???

Sidney Halston is always constantly surprising me.. in a good way. Her character depth is amazing. The characters in these books are always evolving. There is never a dull moment, you become emotionally invested in her characters. A must read!!

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