Stupid Love, by Cindy Miles (Stupid in Love #3)

3 I needed more of a connection stars!

stupid love

I received an ARC of this book for my honest review.

I enjoyed the first two books in this series. The previous characters come into play but it is not necessary to read them before I feel like this could be read as a stand alone book. While I really enjoyed the first two books in this series I could not get fully into this one.

Memory and Jace are the main characters in this book. I was really not fond of the name Memory. She comes off a bit selfish in the beginning of the book. Almost like I do what I want when I want damn the consequences to the people around me. With the first couple books you could tell Cindy Miles main character(s) was broken in some way.In this book while the character was broken I had an awful time connecting with her. She does start to show her softer side half way through. Jace was a great character but I didn’t feel like I got to know him very well because everything was focused on Memory. I do realize why the author wanted to focus on Memory but I would’ve loved to have known Jace a little more. I gave it 3 stars just because this one was a little bit harder to get into than the previous two.

I think if she made a Stupid in Love book #4 I would buy it just because I was so invested into the first two books. I may not have been as invested in this story but I would love to see more by this author.

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