Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell

5 I’m becoming a Rainbow Rowell Fangirl stars!!


Rainbow writes characters that are so relate-able. I have read two books now by this author and loved both of them. Make sure before starting one of her books that you have a full 24hrs to your self to just read non stop.   I of course also bought the special edition Fangirl book with pictures and special pictures in and on the book..

Fangirl focuses on a young woman named Cath going into her first year of college. Cath has serious issues with meeting new people and new situations. She’s kind of an introvert with anxiety problems. (which I can totally relate to!) The thing is she wouldn’t be having such a hard time if her sister would’ve stuck to their deal and be her roommate. Oh did I forget to mention she has an outgoing, popular, TWIN sister?? So she has to learn how to live with a new roommate, a new school and no friends. She will always have Baz and Simon her fan fiction characters. She lives in a world of fandom where she can mold these characters how she sees fit.  She is a really popular fan fiction writer. Her roommate comes off as rude in the beginning but as the story goes on it becomes part of her charm. Her roommates “friend” Levi  is someone that everyone instantaneously likes. He has that infectious attitude of happiness that everyone loves. Her sister goes off on her freshman year like she has something to prove. Their poor dad does not handle it well and has issues. ( I will not spoil you in this with what his issues exactly are.)

I truly love how nicely persistent Levi is with Cath. I love how later in the book he is asking for help with an assignment because Reagan was supposed to help. He says
“I told you,” he said. “I’m not much of a book person”
Levi always said that. I’m not a book person. Like books were rich desserts or scary movies.

I so related to those lines. Everyone knows I’m a huge book person and when they are like I’m not a book person…I’m like well I’m not a huge tomato fan…
Who is not a book person?!?!

Anyways back to Levi totally adorable and shy and smiley. Reagan and Levi try to get Cath to go out all the time. In a million different ways. I love how Reagan asks Cath about the power bars because Cath won’t go to the cafeteria for fear of something new. It’s a great bonding moment between the two. The one time Reagan talks her into coming out it backfires of course. Cath’s family is a hot mess, her personal life is a hot mess and her writing life is a hot mess. Basically her freshman year is turning into a hot mess!! I laughed, I cried and I did not want this book to end. However that always happens with books but I always feel Rainbow Rowell’s books end to soon, she could continue for another 100 pages and I would be happy.

Would highly suggest to anyone old, young or in between!!!

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