Once Kissed, Cecy Robson (O’Brien Family #1)

4 good start to a great series stars!!


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

I really enjoy Cecy Robson’s writing style. Her characters seem to flow easily and she does tension between characters really well. This story is the first in a new series for her. It does have some characters from another series in it but can be read as a standalone book.

Tess is just trying to make it through. Only a couple more months until the end of law school which marks the end of her father’s controlling ways. Anyone looking in on this woman would see a penthouse suite, an ipad, and a rich daddy. However he only lets her have certain things at certain times and she is not to make him angry. Tess’ character while somewhat strong wasn’t strong enough for me. She wasn’t afraid to stand up to people at work, Curran, or things she believed in. However she wouldn’t try to stand for herself. Of course as the book goes on she seems to get a big stronger. I might have been reading to many books lately with super strong female leads so that might be my biggest complaint with this book. As much control her father has of her I would assume she would be more timid with more men. I of course have never been in her situation so I am unsure of how I would react.

Curran on the other had was a great character. His background is of course just as tough. He comes from a wonderful family a big family (which I love). He is a cop and has gone through some rough things.  He of course instantly recognizes Tess from that one night involving argyle socks. (I will never look at argyle socks the same way again!!) He can hardly believe his luck. Of course Tess has changed some… but Curran has changed a lot. He is no longer the party frat boy type. He’s a serious cop with serious cop baggage. One thing he does know getting picked to guard Tessa the “librarian” may be the best job he’s ever gotten.

I did enjoy the chemistry in this book. Curran really fought to keep things professional but you know how that goes in an HEA book. I feel like the “surprise” later in the book was kind of predictable. Maybe it was just me … but I almost wish it wouldn’t have happened. The story line with the big family is great. I enjoyed the banter between the family members. I would definitely purchase the next book in this series.

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