Recurve,by Shannon Mayer (The Elemental Series #1)

5 I want to be an Elemental stars!!


I always know if I want a fast paced, action packed read to pick up a Shannon Mayer book. I am in love with her other series Rylee Adamson. So I bought Recurve as soon as it was available. I was not let down by the fast paced action. It seems the first book in this series was set up like her other series you learn about the characters as you go. There is no slow oh well this happened so that’s why she’s like this now. Nope its like bam within the first chapter there is a confrontation.

Larkspur is a princess albeit one that no one likes except Cactus. (I know the names are a little crazy but you get used to it). She is the kings daughter however she is not the queens daughter. Everyone looks down on the Kings “extra” children. However tragedy strikes Lark when her mother and little brother die. Shortly after this everyone realizes that Lark has little to no elemental power. Everyone has at least some sort of an elemental power. Lark is only good at one thing planting seeds, she is labeled as useless. She seems to have backbone though, she doesn’t seem to take crap from anyone. When she is set up by her lovely “step monster” queen will she be able to become an Ender (protector) as a last resort? Will she be able to save her people?

I really enjoyed Cactus in the beginning of the book, I was hoping to see more of him throughout however that didn’t happen. The way Shannon writes you get to know characters rather quickly. While I enjoyed Cactus I thoroughly loved Ash he is a great fighter in this book. I didn’t realize how Ash’s character’s background was going to be spun into Larks background it was a nice surprise. I love how all of her characters tend to get stronger as each book goes on. There is no way but up in her books. Even though sometimes going up requires getting beat up a lot! I really enjoy tough female characters. Lark is a very strong female character however every great once in a while when she lets down the walls you get to see her more feminine side. This little glimpses of her softer side make her such a more enjoyable character.

If you want a great action packed read definitively pick up anything from Shannon Mayer. She has yet to let me down!

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