If You Only Knew, by Kristan Higgins

5 tugged at my heartstrings stars!!

If you only knew

Wow! This book it blew me out of the water. If you want a book that is going to tug at your heart and not let go this is it!! I’m pretty sure I will have a book hangover for days.. if not weeks. At one point my husband said he might take it away from me because my emotions were all over the place. I was happy crying and then sad crying… then there was the anger I felt at times. I’m so used to Kristan Higgins writing HEA novels and even though I knew this was not one of them I was blown away by how this writing style was so different. Way to go Mrs. Higgins I would like to see what other hidden gems you have up your sleeve!!!

Jenny is a wedding dress maker, she makes one of a kind exquisite dresses. She’s moving out of the big city to the suburbs. This is a big life change for her, while she has designed dresses for other companies she’s branching out on her own. Jenny will be leaving behind an ex husband, his new wife, oh and their new baby. She can’t seem to find the motivation to hate them for being perfect. I fell in love with Jenny in the first chapter she’s just struggling to make sense with what is going on in her life. When she moves to the burbs she meets Leo her super. He’s a really horrible super, however he is the best eye candy she’s had in a while. I love that he tells her to stop “eye f***ing him” kills me every time. They seemed destined to be just friends through the whole book. (while me as a reader is like please fall for each other!!) At one point they need to locate the fuse box so Jenny is going into his cellar to fix the blown fuse and this is part of their conversation.
“You’re surprisingly quiet,” Leo says, clicking on a light.
“I’m assessing the odds of you murdering me down here”
“I hereby deem you harmless”
“How emasculating,” he says. “What are you looking for again?”
Leo doesn’t even know what a fuse box is.. hehe. He has such high walls built around him that you know Jenny will probably never break through.

Then there’s Rachel the lovingly perfect sister. With the great triplets (girls) and wonderful husband. Until she see’s that text nothing is wrong. Once it starts spiraling for Rachel it doesn’t stop. You are so drawn into her tragedy that is taking place. I cried more for Rachel than I did for Jenny. Rachel is the normal mom who thinks everything of the home that they have built. I love her undying love for her children throughout the book. I love how it documents her changing outfits multiple times a day, dealing with pee, poop, and vomit. These are normal things that most novels gloss over. I was up and down about her relationship with Adam. Should she stay or should she go?? There’s one point where she admires herself in the mirror and she says about how her stretch marks have faded into small silver marks. How she can barely see them but she can feel them. About how average she is. Don’t all of us as mothers feel this way??

There are so many great secondary characters in this book. The girls mother who is very patronizing yet loving. The new friend who would do whatever just to get out of the house. The boutique assistant whom is writing the ever changing novel. The friends that are getting married. Leo whom really isn’t secondary but I enjoyed him thoroughly.

This book did not end as I thought it was going to. It kept surprising me with each page I turned. I highly recommend it!!

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