Hold Me Down by Jackie Ashenden

4 enjoying my first motorcycle series!!

Hold Me down

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley for my honest review.

This is the 3rd book in the Deacons of Bourbon Street series. This series keeps getting referred back to the TV show Sons of Anarchy(SOA). I do see some similarities bike club = family kind of aspect. They are trying to avenge their leader priest’s death. They are following all leads as to who may have done it. However compared to SOA this is way less violent. I’m enjoying less violent version for sure! These books are full of alpha biker men and sweet but tough women.

Blue is back after 10 years away. Priest sent him away for his own reasons and Blue was not to come back to the Deacons until he was told so. Being the loyal member he is Blue left as commanded. He has a huge regret that he did not tell his best friend Red he was leaving. He thinks of her and the Deacons often. He’s so loyal to the Deacons because his father was never loyal to anyone or anything. Deacons=family in his mind and you don’t go against family. When he is called back and finally sees Red he is so mad that she seems to have gone against his family. However he can’t help the pull he feels when he see’s her.

Red has had it rough since the Deacons left Bourbon street before hurricane Katrina. Right after he best friend left without a word her father gets some bad news. On top of all of that Priest dies. If it wasn’t for the ministry stepping in to watch over her and the garage she wouldn’t of survived the last 5 years. Then she hears an old “friend” is back in town and has to see it with her own two eyes. She of course feels the instant chemistry but keeps fighting it back because he left like everyone else in her life. She needed family and he left her alone. She has a new family now with another club and doesn’t want his protection. Of course being the alpha he is she will have his protection whether she wants it or not.

The chemistry in this books is off the charts. I’m going to warn people its not one of those books where it’s all just a look at each other chemistry. Jackie Ashenden writes some pretty steamy scenes in her books. If you aren’t in the mood for them you could skip them. However sometimes they discuss things during *ahem* scenes so you may miss something. Either way I am really enjoying the characters in these books. I like seeing the old characters come back into play. Blue’s character is not as complicated as Red’s. Blue has a lot of resentment for his dad but loves his Deacon family. Poor Red has been through the ringer… I felt connected to her. I thoroughly enjoyed getting a look into the Ministry and meeting Blade. Will he be back in other books?? I hope.

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