Playing with Fire (Hot In Chicago #2), Kate Meader

I received a copy of this book from Net Galley for my honest review.

5 smoldering enemies stars!

Playing with Fire

Anyone who has been reading this series has been waiting for this book. The chemistry in the first two books between Alex and Eli was palpable. I enjoyed the first book in this series then dived into the novella for Gage. This book was so worth the wait!! Alex has been my favorite character so far and I really thought no one could top Gage. I just really enjoy strong female characters and Alex was exactly that. Growing up the way she did especially with all of those men…made her into a wonderful strong female character.

Alex is one tough woman she scares most men. She’s a firefighter with her brothers. Let me just say if her profession doesn’t scare off men then her brothers definitely would! I picture her as Marilyn Monroe body type with wonderful hair. The way Kate Meader describes her hair anyone woman within a hundred miles would be jealous of it. She is used to dealing with tough men on a daily basis. So when she is confronted with Eli (the mayor) she knows not to back down. Their first encounter in the first book in series he basically belittles her job and life choices and she just gives it right back to him. You can actually feel the chemistry starting in the first book. The sparks do not slow down for this book. When Eli gets caught in a fire and Alex saves him his PR person sees this as a perfect shot to catapult his career. Alex is not so sure and is still fighting their chemistry for all it is worth.
Eli doesn’t have a rough background per say. He led a privileged life until a secret he found out after his parents death changed his life. Eli is really trying to be a good mayor. He’s trying to get out under the thumb of a bad man. He meets Alex for the first time and he insults her being a firefighter. I really wanted to hate him for his very sexist comments. He explains later in the book that it was like in grade school and you pull the hair of the girl you like. Except now he’s an adult so he insults her. I don’t know how Kate Meader came up with dialogue for this book but it was fantastic. They had such nice snarky comments for one another while they were fighting their attraction. Then Eli’s bad idea of getting Alex to date him… why?? Bad Eli… of course it will backfire on him… Will they be able to stick it out?

All in all a great book in the series.. I can’t wait to read the rest!

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