A Bad Boy for Christmas (Second Chance #3), Jessica Lemmon

5 loving being snowed in stars!!

A Bad Boy For Christmas

Ahhh Connor..anyone who has read this series at all or this book for that matter would realize that statement is enough to finish a whole review!! Jessica Lemmon has definitely become a go to author for me. No waiting always pre-ordering this wonderful author’s books.

Connor… I have been waiting or his book for a while. I love Faith’s nickname for him “beefcake” it’s so true. Connor seems in the other books like a quiet, thoughtful, and steady kind of guy. He of course has a relationship past that includes being cheated on and obviously lied to. That means he understands where Faith is coming from since she has recently also been cheated on. Connor ran from his broken heart by serving his country and not looking back. He came home a couple years ago to put down roots. However he’s coming to the realization that he hasn’t exactly given in to not running again. (ie. all of his things are still in boxes) He would like to get to know Faith a little better but she has her defenses up because of her previous relationship. If anything would’ve broken down my defenses the chopping down of a Christmas tree in the middle of a blizzard would’ve done it.  My heart melted when he did that. *swoon*  That was such a great romantic gesture!!

By the description Jessica Lemmon gives of Faith any living or breathing female within a hundred miles would be jealous of her wonderful good looks. However she doesn’t have a catty bone in her body and is completely down to earth. She is oblivious to how attractive she actually is. I love, love, love the nickname cupcake that Connor gave her. I know it has to do with her love of sweets and maybe the fact that he caught her devouring a box of them once. Still it is the perfect nickname for her. Faith is trying to go it on her own  and be independent. She was in a not so great relationship, then she moved in with her mom; her mom who says all the women in her family are cursed. The women in her family can’t be married or fail at marriage. Faith’s inner struggle with her “relationship” with Connor was so gut wrenching for me. I kept telling her don’t over think it, just go with the flow. (yes I talk to my books)  Of course she fights the flow of the relationship tooth and nail.

These bad boy books by Jessica Lemmon are must haves for me. I would highly recommend them for anyone. This author does such a good mix of chemistry and character growth. The stories just seem to flow so well, once you start reading them you don’t want to put them down.There was a scene in the book after Connor realizes Faith is in danger from someone they don’t know. He asks what kind of car the person drives and the response from her was exactly how I would’ve answered my husband.

She said the guy drove a blue car. That’s it. A blue car. When Connor asked what kind of car she’d said, “I don’t know. The kind with doors. And wheels.” When he sarcastically asked if it had a windshield she’d replied, straight-faced, “Front and back.”

I would suggest starting this books with the first one in the series. However they could probably also be read as stand alone.

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