Re-released Harry Potter book!!

2015-10-07 08.36.12

So this isn’t a book review as much as it is a look how pretty this book is moment.  I ordered this book for my kids for Christmas.  (I know maybe I ordered it a little for me…)  We have the whole Harry Potter series already but then I found out that they were re-releasing Sorcerer’s Stone with illustrations!! I know my phone picture taking is not the best but holy cow these illustrations in this book are wonderful.  I cannot wait to read this with my kids after Christmas.  I am actually kind of hoping they re-do the whole series and this can be a buy one every Christmas kind of thing. My oldest son (he’s 8) is already half way through my old Sorcerer’s Stone I almost want to stop him and be like wait until Christmas.  However that would give away the whole surprise!   To all of you Harry Potter fans I would highly suggest at least going to the book store and looking through this book.  The illustrations are gorgeous.  Super excited!!

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