Goodreads Goal Complete!!



I did it!!!I finished my good reads goal with lost of time to spare!! yay!!  I set my expectations kind of high this year 100 books (or I thought high). I actually finished last week but didn’t put it on here yet.  I calculated it and I read 2-3 books a week.  Some of these books are 300 pages some are 600+. The most famous question I get is well you have 3 kids and a full time job when do you read??  Here’s the thing I don’t really watch TV and the only time I watch TV is when I’m on the treadmill.  If I’m doing laundry I’m usually holding onto a book, if I’m eating supper or lunch and no kids need me at the moment I’m reading a book. I always, always have some form of a book in my purse whether an ebook on my kindle, nook, or tab or an actual book.  If it doesn’t fit in my purse (yes I have books that big) then I place the books in a separate tote bag and that bag goes more places than my purse!!

Then I started reviewing for publishers and authors.  Let me tell you getting ARCs has been a super duper highlight of having this blog!! I love ARC’s and I love authors and publishers who are willing to share these ARC’s. Any author I have met or chatted online with has been super nice and helpful.

I really love reading and I like watching vlogs about books or following blogs about books.  Here are some of my favorite blogs/ vlogs.

Polandbananasbooks on youtube she is hilarious and does almost all YA books.  (Thank you wonderful sister in law for introducing me to her) 2 friends of polandbananasbooks on youtube are jessethereader and katytastic their vlogs are also great!  It’s a blog that reviews all different genre of books.  Usually if one of the gals from this blog recommends you read a book I go out and buy it that week.  Their recommendations are usually 5 star reads! (They also happen to love one of my favorite authors Jill Shalvis)

Any author you like… seriously almost all authors you read have a webpage with a blog.  I love seeing what they are up to if they will be in my area for a signing, etc. is another blog I follow.  I know, I know not a book blog.  However if you want an honest blog and usually a good chuckle this is a good one to follow.

I do have a field trip today for one of the kiddos but don’t you worry I will be packing a book in case we have any downtime  🙂  Have a great day, week, month!!!

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