All I Want (Animal Magnetism #7), by Jill Shalvis

All I Want

5 “I’ve got this” stars!!

Reading a Jill Shalvis book is like eating a whole pan of brownies without the calorie guilt! you get all the good feelings with no negative effects to your thighs!!! I have never met a Jill Shalvis book I didn’t like. I don’t think I ever will! Her characters are chopped full of real life quirks. You never know what kind of situations her heroes or heroines will get into.

Zoe has this constant saying throughout the book and it’s “I got this”.  She has had to be everyone’s everything for so long, now that her siblings are finally on track she starts to do things for herself.  First off she wants to find a man so of course the book starts  off with Zoe going on a blind date with a dentist. She decides to be daring and bold and kiss the dentist after she opens the door. However it’s not the dentist she kisses its her brother’s best friend Parker. She has never met Parker before this moment but Wyatt talked her into letting him stay with her while he’s in town. Of course this tension between them is broken by her dog Oreo (whom I loved). Oreo doesn’t like men however when Parker shows up he climbs all over him. You should always take hints from your pets about people, they are good judges of character. Not only does Zoe have to live with the incredibly attractive Parker while he’s on “vacation” she is technically working with him by flying him over some interesting areas in Idaho. She is fighting her attraction for him. Zoe keeps repeating to herself that he isn’t staying but of course her heart doesn’t want to believe it. I mean seriously how is she supposed to resist a man who kisses and rescues kittens for goodness sakes. I really enjoyed Jill Shalvis throwing in the beginning with Oreo about how he rolls in bear poop. Reminds me of another dog… maybe Jill’s dog?? that was so funny.

Parker is chasing bad guys. These bad guys do not play nice they will use anyone or anything against him. So far he has stayed pretty well hidden. His attraction to his roommate Zoe is immediate, however he’s not going to let anyone distract him from catching this bad guy. Technically Parker is on leave after being run over literally by the bad guys. He’s gotten orders from higher ups that he’s not to go after this guy. So as a normal stubborn man what does he do…. he goes after the guy. For some reason he finds himself actually being honest with Zoe. The only thing he fibs to her about is the home improvements he’s doing while she’s at work. It’s so funny when she starts realizes he’s doing this. Then he “saves” some kittens.. big tough guy saves tiny kittens insert *swoon* here.

I really enjoyed this book, it was almost like they were a married couple before they were a couple. They lived together they worked together always around each other. They raised the dog together then the kittens. I loved how she was attempting to date while he was living with her. The old lady dress is a classic, I feel it should be like the sisterhood of the traveling pants and go to the next lucky lady in line! Parker’s sister Armory was a delight I hope she comes to visit them soon. I really hope to see this couple in the future animal magnetism books.

All of these books can be read as standalone books even though previous characters come into play. 🙂

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