Carry On , By Rainbow Rowell

5 “Open Sesame” Stars!!

2015-10-22 09.38.19

I’m not even sure where to begin, except this book was awesome! So if you read FanGirl by Rainbow Rowell you would know that this is the fanfiction book Cather was writing. It’s basically a book from a book in a book!!! How insanely cool is that?? The picture in this is my own copy of Carry On and because I registered my pre-order receipt with St. Martin Press they sent me a party pack!! It included a dust jacket I can color myself, a balloon, tattoo’s, tea bags and a pin.  Thank you St. Martin Press!! I will try my best to make this a non-spoiler review because holy cow there is a lot of stuff that happens in this book!

Simon who everyone calls the chosen one is full of magic. So full of magic that sometimes it blows up in his face or someone else’s. He’s constantly being attacked by the Humdrum. A thing that has been sucking the magical energy out of certain areas. In these blank areas no one can use magic there.. The only ally he has besides his best friend Penny is the Mage. The Mage thinks Simon is the key to destroying the humdrum. Simon is just trying to get through his last year at Watford without getting killed or killing anyone else. He’s worried about his roommate since he hasn’t shown up yet to school. His roommate Baz has been trying to hurt Simon since they were 11. Simon is always trying to find out his master plan before it happens.

Baz is probably my favorite character in this book. His ability to be snarky and humorous at the same time is awesome. Baz thinks Simon is the worst magician he has ever met. Baz’s whole family hates Simon because he is the Mage’s heir. Everyone seems to hate the Mage for one reason or another. Baz was cast as Simon’s roommate their first year at Watford. (Yes it’s an actual spell that picks your roommate.) Baz can’t actually kill Simon in their room because a spell protects it. If they were to hurt one another then they would immediately be cast outside the school never to be allowed in again. However that doesn’t mean outside the classroom he doesn’t try to ruin Simon’s life the first couple of years. Then they have to team up to solve a mystery.. who knows what will happen next.(well me obviously I read the book! haha)

Ok seriously I loved Penny’s character in this book she’s Simon’s best friend forever. She see’s him the first year and is like well I was warned away from you because you are so dangerous but let’s be best friends.

The banter in this book was great I was never let down in anyway. I loved how it was the power of their words that compelled the spell. Even if it was a simple nursery rhyme as long as magic was behind it, it meant something more. There was even political sides in this book. (magical ones I mean) How one side was for one thing and the other two were not. How that played into the everyday life of Simon, Baz, and Penny was pretty cool. I’m normally not a big fan of the book switching from character to character in each chapter. The chapters are only 2-4 pages long sometimes they are even a paragraph then it switches. Rainbow Rowell pulled that off fantastically.

You do not have to read FanGirl to read this book. I just love how it all connects though..

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