Cress (#3 Lunar Chronicles), Marissa Meyer

5 I’m loving the fairy tale re-imagined stars!!


Holy Cow!!! I definitely can’t wait until Winter comes out next week!!!

Cress is Rapunzel… yup Rapunzel is trapped on a satellite in space all alone. I love how Marissa Meyer took these normal fairy tales and made them so much more awesome!! I mean Cinder is a cyborg/lunar, Scarlett is a kick butt woman who falls in love with a lunar/wolf(SPOILER if you haven’t read Scarlet yet.), and Cress is locked in a Satellite however she is a computer genius!! 3 wonderful kick butt female leads not just one but 3!!!  I really tried to make this spoiler free however this is the third book in the series and they have to be read in order!! So if you haven’t read Cinder and Scarlet look away!!! and go read them!!!

I’m not going to drone on about previous characters already introduced I will try to stick to Cress, Jacin and Thorne. So Cress has been secretly helping Cinder succeed on her missions. She has been masking Thorne’s ship so that no one could see them, the same way she hides the Lunar ships from Earth. She is supposed to be helping the evil Sybil find them so that the Lunar queen can kill Cinder. If you had read the previous books you would know that Sybil is pretty darn evil. She has been bringing Cress rations and such for years but never gives her anything to defend herself like a knife or scissors. So obviously Cress has hair that is super duper long!! Matter of fact Thorne brings it up during one of their net screen meetings.

Anyways so they decide to rescue Cress from her space prison. Of course unfortunate timing happens.. and Thorne is caught going onto her satellite. Then it’s all life and death and they end up stranded on Earth and I can’t tell you because it’s a spoiler but something happens to Thorne and he has to rely on Cress for a while. I love how the whole time they are together Cress is like adore him.. and he’s like no this is not unusual I am the first human you have met and I’m am very charming. LOL. While Thorne and Cress are being “sent” to earth Jacin and Sybil are attacking the Rampion. Fast forward after the scuffle ensues one of them is kidnapped off the ship and somehow they end up with Jacin who becomes their ally.

I am not super fond of Jacin at all… at least not in this book I may like him Winter though. My favorite couple still stands at Scarlet and Wolf. I can’t do a long review on this because there would be to many spoilers… which makes me so sad because well these are such great books!!!I can say that Thorne and Cress both melted my heart in this book.

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