Life’s a Beach(Hawaii Heat #1), Jamie K. Schmidt

4 wish I was in Hawaii Stars!

Life's a Beach

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

I have never read anything by this author before. I have to say I was rather surprised by this book. I thought it was going to be another insta fall in love kind of book. However it wasn’t and for that I am grateful!

Amelia is just breaking her neck in New York she works as a concierge in a hotel. Dare I say it she is probably the best concierge ever. She handles all of life’s problems that get thrown at her with grace and style. She has planned a two week vacation in Hawaii with her boyfriend. He of course doesn’t know about it and it’s a surprise. She has been paying off this vacation for 2 years I believe. When she arrives at work that day she finds out that the other concierge has quit. Her a**hole boss says she can’t go on vacation. She decides after a conversation on the phone with “dude” to go on her vacation anyways and gets fired. She comes home from work early to surprise her boyfriend with the news and oopss he’s not the greatest guy! So now she is homeless(she was living with the boyfriend) and jobless… so she decides to take her eccentric aunt and go on vacation anyways! (good for her!!)

Samuel aka Dude is an interesting character. He is from Wall street he actually was really great on wall street so much he is insanely wealthy. Samuel needed a break from wall street he thinks it might actually kill him. He buys a hotel in Hawaii… insert Dude. He decides to just veg for a while… he’s going to sell the hotel. There are only a few people who work at the hotel who know who Dude is. He swears they will be set up well when he sells so they don’t loose their jobs. Insert Amelia coming to the resort of course she is having a rough time and he actually has to rescue her when they meet. She hates rich men since previous boyfriend and boss were both. So he keeps up the Dude persona.. then of course Amelia steps in on her vacation to help out and she has ideas for the hotel. Which is not what Samuel wants he wants to sell and get out.

I really enjoyed these characters. I also enjoyed the other characters in the book. It’s rare to get invested into the other characters of a book unless they are crucial. I really want to see how things pan out for the other hotel staff, Ameila’s aunt and Samuel’s brother! These flowed seamlessly for me I only had a few pet peeves that I can let pass just because I really enjoyed the characters.

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