Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4), by Marissa Meyer

5 what a fantastic finish to this series stars!


What a fantastic finish to this series!!! While all I hear is this book is so long it’s 800+ pages it is totally worth it!!!  In case you were wondering here is a perfect picture of me reading this final book in the series.


There is so much detail in this last book which is fantastic because it was definitely needed. This story is basically about the main characters invading Luna to throw Levana off her throne. As I’ve said before I thoroughly enjoyed all the couples so far in this book. (Scarlet and Wolf are my fav.) However I was a little apprehensive about Winter’s story because I’m not fond of the gentleman she’s in love with and I wasn’t sure how Marissa Meyer would place a story about Winter and revolution in one book. No worries were needed though because I learned so much about Winter and the revolution all in one book.

Winter is broken mentally and technically physically. As you learned in the previous books the rumors on earth is that she is broken because of Levana. She has scars on her face obviously from Levana (did I ever mention how much I despise Levana??)Winter hallucinates a lot because she refuses to use her powers against people. She also plays crazy a lot at least I think it’s playing crazy… There is only one person who can talk her down from her hallucinations and he’s been missing for a couple weeks. Insert Jacin whom I did not like in the book Cress at all. All he wants to do is get back to Winter to make sure he is ok. If you read Fairest the novella you would realize that Jacin was childhood friends with both Winter and Cinder.

Jacin is of course in love with Winter. You will notice throughout this book that all winter has to do is look at someone and they fall in “love” with her. Her beauty is not matched even with her scars she is still the fairest of all. Jacin is driven to protect her no matter what the cost. He shows many times in this book that protecting her is his main goal in his life. No matter who he has to stab in the back to get it done. Needless to say this does not endear me to him anymore and yet… oddly it makes me like him at the same time. I still have a love/hate relationship with Jacin’s character. I understand why he is doing what he is doing… I still don’t like it all the time.

All of the usual characters are back in this book. I love how Marissa Meyer rotated the book following different characters at different times. It wasn’t always about Winter. The book bounces from how plans fall apart come together, people get lost and found again in different ways. There were times I wanted to hold my breath until that character came back around and I knew they were out of danger. There were a lot of times I was like she did not just do that to that character!! It was also wonderfully wrapped up at the end so that you know where the characters are going from here…

Some stand out moments for me in this book warning spoilers ahead!!!   When Jacin first kisses winter it was such a great moment then such a horrible moment at the same time!!  Scarlet is talking to Winter when they are going to obtain more special ops guys and she compares her gram to Winter.  Saying that Winter is brave and courageous even if she seems broken.  That was a really good moment.  Also I was so pissed with what happened to wolf.. if you read the book you know what I’m talking about!!1

I also did read the novella in this series called fairest… here’s my synopsis on that one…


OMG this b*tch is crazy!!

I loved how in the beginning of this book you feel bad for young Levana so your heart softens some…. then BAM you realize how crazy she is!!!I have never felt more bad for the people closest to her. She wants what she wants and she wants it now!! This is horrible.. she is horrible. It really puts into perspective how she has no rationale for what she is doing is wrong. She just thinks well it makes sense so I will go ahead and murder these people!!! WTH…

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