Magic Bites(Kate Daniels #1), Ilona Andrews

5 a new magic world stars!!

magic bites


I listened to the audio book on this one and wow was it great!! The narrator did a fantastic job (Renee Raudman) she made me feel like I was in this story. Some of the creepy points were made even creepier by the narrator’s voice.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story as a whole. It starts off as if you have been reading this series forever but you don’t feel left out at all. The world as a whole is different in this one. Magic is definitely known by all including regular humans.

The main character Kate has a substantial amount of magic power. I feel like it is only hinted at in this book. I loved Kate’s personality, she’s a loner she does jobs as needed if she decides to take them. Then something happens that leads her to working with Mercenary Guild. She’s tracking down some pretty nasty characters in this book she has to work with a couple different groups. Some of the groups are were-animals and some are vampires. The take on vampires in this book was unusual but done really well. I really enjoy how not stereotypical this heroine was. Of course she’s a bad ass. The whole way through this book she did not rely on a man… she was her own powerful woman. I loved the idea of Kate not wanting to have Derek with her because she doesn’t want anyone else’s blood on her hands it shows she does care about others. Kate tends to mouth off a lot without thinking… “here kitty, kitty” is a line that comes to mind. Her tendency to mouth off at inopportune times leads to some confrontation it also helps to break up the tension sometimes depending on what she says. She is a great character I can’t wait to see how she grows through out the next books.

Warning there is a lot of swearing in this book if you don’t like swearing this book may not be for you. There is also A LOT of violence.

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