Forgotten Promises, by Jessica Lemmon

4.5 Jessica Lemmon can do no wrong stars!!

forgotten promises

Received a copy of this book via NetGalley for my honest review.

First off I have to say I love, love, love everything Jessica Lemmon has written. She crafts her characters so well that you always feel their emotions while reading. The highs the lows and all the in between. I had a couple little I’m not so sure how that’s gonna work in this book moments but nothing worth ever putting this book down! It is a New Adult book I believe since the characters are only 21ish.

Just because it is new adult should not make anyone shy away. All I can say is poor Tucker.. his story broke me. I’m surprised he’s made it as far as he did. Although he’s had great reasons for not giving up. Once he hatches the plan to get Morgan to listen to him so her dad will be on his side the wheels in motion can’t be stopped. (Trying to do this without spoilers is so hard!!)

Morgan seems to have a led a semi pampered life. In the beginning of the story she seems very naive of the world and I mean who wasn’t at 21. Well except maybe Tucker.. she’s having a rough night when she runs into Tucker. Of course she remembers him from school how could she forget him?? (I agree how could she?) Though not in her plans she ends up with Tucker and although he’s not being gentle in his demands to listen to him she can’t help but want to help the guy who helped her once.

I think in this book I enjoyed Tucker and his revelations more than Morgan. Only because he’s been through more so he seems to have to grow more. Since this is new adult books there are “adult” scenes nothing to graphic.

I would highly recommend!!! ( my 4.5 star rating was only for a tiny little pet peeve of my own. nothing to do with the writing style or flow of the story.)

Release date is scheduled for Jan. 19 2016

(ISBN13: 9781101968574)

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