Oh Christmas Tree and a Giveaway!!

Hello Everyone!!

As the holidays are in full swing for everyone and the craziness has begun. (or not stopped in our house)  I’ve decided to do a nice giveaway.  I’ll let it run for a week just so everyone gets a chance at winning.  Before I get to the giveaway I have to of course share a pic of our lovely Christmas tree!


I must thank a good friend and her creative genius for helping me put this together!!  All of my favorite authors are throughout the tree there is a little bit of everyone involved.  However some of my absolute favorites made it to the top.  Jill Shalvis, Lori Foster, and Lauren Layne.. to name a few.

Speaking of Lauren Layne I will be giving away 2 of her books.  It will be the first two books in her New York’s Finest series.  I am halfway through the second book (Steal Me) and loving it so I’m sure a review will be up shortly.  I unfortunately cannot ship internationally.  Here’s a pic of the books you could win! I was not provided these books by Hachette publishing group or Lauren Layne I am doing this on my own no endorsements. (However Mrs. Layne if you would like to share feel free) 😀

2015-12-05 08.45.19.jpg

To enter you can either comment above (click the comment button) or email me your response to Iamalwaysbooking@yahoo.com  My question for you is what is your favorite holiday book? It doesn’t have to necessarily have to be a holiday book.  My favorite is any Harry Potter book they always put me in a holiday spirit.     I will pick the winner next Saturday 12/12 so check back then!



2 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree and a Giveaway!!

  1. I can’t pick just one! I have two favorite books. The first is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and the second is “The Giving Tree”. They are both children’s books, which to me is extremely fitting. Christmas is a time to enjoy the simple joys in life; Christmas lights, hot chocolate, snowmen, and most importantly love. Children are the definition of love, and find the simple joys all year round. At christmastime I encourage everyone to find that childlike love and joyfulness, to give, and to share a smile. We are to be even more kind to our neighbors and appreciative of the love in our lives. The Grinch learned that Christmas is not about the presents but about the giving of ourselves. The Tree gave of everything she had for the boy she loved. Those ideals warm my heart better then any cup of hot cocoa, even with the marshmallows. Just thinking about them makes me want to sing a Christmas song while baking cookies! Xo


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