Steal Me (New York’s Finest #2) by, Lauren Layne

5 I think Anth may be my favorite stars!!

2015-12-05 08.45.19


Oh those Moretti brothers… *sigh*

Dear Lauren Layne, I’ve been waiting for Anth’s story for what feels like forever and you did not disappoint!! He is such an amazing character. There was so much character development in this story.

First things first… I want my own Nonna!! Seriously she is the life of the party in this family. The texting and emailing about medical issues is so funny. Then the sharpshooter comments had me laughing so hard!!!! Love her!!

Anth aka Anthony Moretti police captain in New York City always has a scowl on his face. Anth has always known what he wants in life, to be the commissioner. Nothing has deterred him from this goal not even something awful happening because of him. (or so he thinks) One of the consistent things in his life is brunch at the Darby Diner with his family. However lately even that seems to go south because of the new waitress always dumping things on him. He doesn’t want to feel attracted to Maggie and actually he comes off as a jerk toward her in the beginning. However he can’t help but want to get to know her better especially since she has just broken his toughest case wide open.

Poor Maggie everyone has used and abused her. Her family is not so great… her ex is definitely not so great. She doesn’t want any man in her life right now she just wants to focus on writing her novel. I find it so cute that she is writing a YA novel because she gets the awkwardness of young love. Which is not only in young love but all dating/love. I love that in most of Steal Me she calls the other brothers when in need Vin and Luc instead of Anth. Man does that get to him… lol I love how the women in the family automatically just adopt Maggie. This family seems awesome they are by no means perfect but that makes them even better!! Maggie is a lot stronger than she thinks…it was always awesome when her fiery determination came out.  The ending of this book is amazing…of course I won’t tell you have to read it first then we can always discuss!!

I cannot wait for the next book in this series!!! Oh and don’t forget I have a giveaway going for the two books shown in this picture.  Just scroll down my posts a bit and you will see it!!

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published November 24th 2015 by Forever
ISBN1455561215 (ISBN13: 9781455561216)

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