Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year


So far one kid is down and it’s only 9pm.  On the night they can stay up late they don’t!  😀  I have read some great books this year and had  very few book fails.  I would love to do a top 10 or something but I wasn’t thinking that far ahead to compile a list… maybe next year.

I met some amazing goals this year.  I read 130 books according to my goodreads challenge.  I set my goal at 100, so go me.  According to good reads that is 42,051 pages.  It always seems like more in pages 🙂 I started this very blog… a big thank you to everyone who follows me!!

I have met some amazing authors this year who have all been very sweet and kind. My favorite meeting this year was Jill Shalvis she may be #1 in my book.  Hubby was with me so he got to chat it up with her and her alpha man.  It was a wonderful experience.  I got chosen to be on Lori Foster’s street team (I adore her and her wonderful assistant) !!   Some publishers contact me ahead of time to see if I’m interested in reviewing books which is wonderful.  I’m enjoying being a member of NetGalley for sure and have just joined up with Blogging for Books.  (both wonderful ways to receive books to review whether physical or ebook).

I have followed some wonderful new blogs and vlogs I can make a short list below… (this list does not include author blogs because lets be honest I follow most authors blogs!)


  • BookBinge.com
  • KindlesandWine.com
  • ruckusgirl.com
  • awesomebooknut.com


  • Polandbananas
  • Katytastic
  • Jessethereader
  • Abookutopia
  • BekahAwesomeBookNut

I want to say a huge thank you to my family for supporting me through all of my book craziness.  I adore raising little book addicts with my wonderful Mr. Tough Guy.  🙂  He is truly the only person who understands how reading a book for me works and he rarely bothers me while reading (I know a keeper right?!!?)

I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous new year!! Have fun with you reading … never ever read anything you don’t want to. (disclaimer if it’s for school sorry teacher trumps fun!)

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