Tuesday Tidbits!



It’s Tuesday! Okay so I’m a little more excited this Tuesday than most because… wait for it… drum roll please….

Morning Star by Pierce Brown will be delivered to my house today!!! YAY!!!!

morning star


Look how pretty this cover is!!  It’s so amazingly pretty.. actually all of the covers are all this awesome. I have been thoroughly enjoying this series.  It’s has different classes of people golds on top and reds, pinks, browns and etc. on the bottom. In Red Rising you meet Darrow a Red who has just been put through hell.. He gets recruited for the greater good to take down the golds.  In Golden Son the second book you follow Darrow through the trials and tribulations of taking down those blasted Golds however some aren’t so bad and some aren’t good at all!  The weaving of this story the trusting who you think you can trust but actually can’t. It’s so amazing!!

I just finished reading The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan and it was really good.  I feel I might have enjoyed it more if I was younger.  I will be posting a review soon!  I am in the middle of reading the Vinegar Girl by Anne Taylor.  It’s a retelling of the Taming of the Shrew. It is turning out to be a rather good retelling 🙂

What are your plans for this week?  What are you reading??






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